About Inspect-Data

Michael and Tim embarked on their journey to establish Inspect-Data, drawing upon their extensive background in systems security, data protection, software engineering and development. Their shared vision was sparked by a persistent problem in the data management field: the necessity for precise and swift identification of data.

Their professional paths, enriched by decades of experience, have seen them strengthen security postures of many organizations: small businesses to large enterprises. They've been at the frontline, shielding customers from potential threat actors and malicious insiders while employing advanced technologies,and designing innovative strategiesto protect most valuable or sensitive data.

In an industry where common solutions tend to be either prohibitively expensive or too slow to inspect data efficiently, the duo saw an opportunity for innovation. Their shared insights and experiences culminated in the creation of Inspect-Data. This unique solution is designed to provide a fast, accurate, and cost-effective method of data identification, aiming to optimize the way organizations manage and secure their data. With Inspect-Data, they hope to empower organizations to take control of their data security in an increasingly digitized world.

Our Leadership

Michael Avdeev

Co-Founder & CEO

Tim Lopez