Data Visibility Intelligence

Inspect-Data is a scalable, risk-based solution that utilizes advanced AI/ML analytical models to optimize result prediction, data clustering, and anomaly detection in usage patterns. This provides a comprehensive view of how data is used, who uses it, and its flow across an organization and beyond.

Instant-On Deployment

Our solution operates across a broad spectrum of networks, applications, systems, and databases, and supports standard protocols, facilitating seamless integration with your existing technology stack. Inspect-Data can be delivered either as efficient source code to be incorporated into your current systems or applications, or as a cloud service.

On-demand Data Curation

Inspect-Data enhances data management through its automatic identification and classification capabilities, facilitating unmatched data categorization, tracking, and grouping. Operating independently of policies, rules, or complicated regex statements, it provides comprehensive mapping of both sensitive and regulated data, pinpointing its location, monitoring its flow, and identifying access. This solution not only limits data exposure but also ensures robust compliance with organizational standards and protects intellectual property. It streamlines the process of maintaining data security and integrity.